Griffin’s paper tiger and the phantom that holds back a storm

AntiTraitors DiskThe BNPThe key to Jewish Zionism  power is manipulation and illusion. Once the intelligent mind has cleared away this trickery it is simple to comprehend the true enemy. Take for example Griffin’s British National Party (BNP). Following its grand pretence in front of the cameras it is no more than thinly veiled Marxism. What European Nationalist wants to Griffin Jesterhob nob with third world colours that are destroying our homelands! Naturally this falls right in line with the Jewish regime paying Griffin’s way making White Nationalism a laughing stock. Playing to the camera is Griffin’s forte and why Jewish Zionism parachuted him in to take control of John Tyndall’s true Nationalist endeavour. Clown or jester Griffin’s antics are sure to be televised because his purpose is the political humour and in turn render White Nationalism null and void.

Nick Griffin is not a white nationalistGriffin’s actions, however, are not random he has been set an agenda of sorts. This is constantly performed in front of countless Mosques and various courts. Griffin’s parochial little England flag wavers begging the Jewish Zionist Government to remove the ‘nasty’ Islamic colonists from our land. It is that funny. Like bailing out a boat with a hole in the bottom, even if one lot go Jewish Zionists will only bring in more! Yet this is Griffin’s charge to keep his audience distracted.

State UAF and BNPNot content with operating a ‘nationalist’ spectacle, Jewish Zionism also required a suitable ‘enemy’. Unite against Fascism (UAF) consists largely of ignorant brain dead student types. Unable to participate in a sensible debate they are cannon fodder for the ardent Marxist who does actually believe that the Communist ‘utopian equality’ of drones will bring peace not slavery under this Jewish Zionist regime. Recruited at a moment’s notice off various local university campuses such students can be available to ‘confront’ the BNP at demonstrations in a variety of places. Paid by Marxist unions they are also bussed in. Again this is a choreographed performance for television pitching 2 plastic opposing flag wavers against each other and photographing the results.

Both explain to its audience who the ‘enemy’ is and that specific client is then to compliant and antitraitors-banner1.jpgunwilling to deviate from the plan set in place leaving the Jewish Zionist regime space to continue their agenda. However, while these artificial manifestations are yelling at ghosts it is AntiTraitors that is shouting loudly and stating clearly that the emperor has no clothes.

Nick Griffin LeadershipTo clarify the Jewish Zionist set up. The BNP and others provide the patriotic solution and can deliver as many faulty ‘notions’ for White demise it likes as the UAF reinforce the BNP’s ‘Nationalist’ credentials by standing against it. This is the psychological formula that Jewish Zionism plays out in Britain and no doubt in parallel in other European lands.

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  1. FURTHER … ditto!

    I have further updated my own LINK PAGE above with a more prominent Link to this website.



    • We were not aware of that Paul, but thank you for telling us. My god, it must feel like her worlds caved in.

  2. What does Ladbrokes offer on Griffin using membership donations to the BNP to pay forward to the UAF?

    Don’t worry, there are many lengths of rope in the world.

  3. Allowing Jews and other assorted non-whites into what was supposed to be, at least implicitly, a pro-white party was ridiculous and self-defeating. The BNP is nothing more than controlled opposition, as so many supposedly White Nationalist organizations are.

  4. […] The public are forever exposed to psychological Marxism through the Jewish media. They entrap the masses into accepting pre-programmed decisions gift wrapped in multicultural global marketing and party politics played out on the Jewish lantern TV and through the main stream political parties drawing us all to the same cattle market to be slaughtered, and at this present time I’m embarrassed to say it also includes the Nationalist vote.  […]

  5. […] smarter stratagem. Up to now we have been getting blindly led with our eyes wide shut! No wonder Griffin’s mantra (BNP) is 100% focused on the Muslim he has been sent in to manage gullible Nationalists to […]

  6. […] smarter stratagem. Up to now we have been getting blindly led with our eyes wide shut! No wonder Griffin’s mantra (BNP) is 100% focused on the Muslim he has been sent in to manage gullible Nationalists to […]

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  8. […] Nick Griffin, changed BNP policy to allow the Kalergi import to join the ranks. The change was not about the ‘black issue’ as it was globally portrayed by the Jewish media, causing racial tensions. It was to protect the economic and cult interests of the sinister Talmudic tribe, a Jewish construct, managed by the black racist Trevor Philips through the Equalities Commission to be sure of its objective to penetrate ethnic European organisations, and by proxy, securing the position of the Jews to allow them to infiltrate all party’s. […]

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