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      An autonomous group of white European activists, dedicated to driving anti-European treachery from the streets of Europe. The nature of this treachery lies with the infiltration of alien ideas into Europe. The key Karl Marx Holocaustdestructive element is JUDAISM the basis for which the Jewish theorist Karl Marx under the supervision of the Jew Moses Hess the philosophical father of Zionism invented Communism. Cultural Marxism i.e. political correctness is the current expression of this. The success of Marxist politics depends on a divided and demoralised ethnic European and a debased European ancestral land. Thus Marxism is a systematic program that violates the core of traditional ethnic European society. The European public are exposed though a number of policies-mass coloured importation, enforced integration, sex and homosexuality in the classroom, and ‘transgender’ mutations that methodically test the limits of European sensibility. Equally divisive is the Marxist strategy of segregation. Not only is the coloured used against the white but woman is pitted against man, child against adult, homosexual against heterosexual, even the disabled against able bodied manufacturing false ‘victims’ and deliberately fracturing European society. Therefore, it is only through unity that ethnic Europeans are able to defend themselves. As such Antitraitors exist to confront Marxist ideas, activities, and organisations wherever and however they occur.

Challenging the Marxists

Marxism is not gaining support simply because it is promoted by the media (though, of course, this helps) but because its clever brainwashing techniques developed by the Jewish Frankfurt School pervade European Government, Educational establishments and media.

As ethnic European Nationalists we need to counter that, not by trying to draw people back to the past, but by challenging Marxist ideas. The Jewish Marxist regime exploits public grievances distorting them to suit their warped agenda. We need to challenge the distortions and point out that the blame does not lie with Patriots, but with the corrupt Marxist system.

An enormous part of Antitraitors’ work is in challenging the mainstream Marxist propaganda. This is not about telling people who to support but that whether one votes liberal, conservative or Labour the policy remains politically correct and is consequently a vote for more Marxism.

Fighting Marxism is not merely an intellectual exercise. As well as countering their propaganda, it is vital that we physically resist attempts by Marxists to put their policies into action or to take over the streets. This does not mean street fighting or mindless violence. The Nationalist also need to be mindful that Marxism is the system thus has police protection.

Antitraitors cannot and will not condemn the use of force in self-defence, but we are not looking to initiate violence. In fact, we hold that it is possible for the vast majority of physical resistance to be entirely peaceful. As our previous actions have demonstrated, it is entirely possible to block the Marxists from view or to drive them off the streets altogether without throwing a single punch. To find out more, visit our resources page.

Security & Recruitment

For tactical and security reasons, Antitraitors is not an open group. That said, we are always on the lookout for potential new members who are committed and security-conscious. If you are interested in getting involved with Antitraitors, or if you would like to support us in our work, please get in touch.

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