“Fracking” Shale Gas

AntiTraitors DiskShale gas is natural gas produced from shale. Shale gas has been produced for years from shales with natural fractures. However, in more recent years the shale gas produced has been due to modern technology called hydraulic fracturing (fracking) creating extensive artificial fractures around well bores. Horizontal drilling is often used with shale gas wells, with lateral lengths up to 10,000 feet within the shale, to create maximum borehole surface area in contact with the shale. Shale gas has become an increasingly important source of natural gas in the United States over the past decade, and interest has spread to potential gas shales in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. One analyst expects shale gas to supply as much as half the natural gas production in North America by 2020.

Sounds great doesn’t it, a potential source of natural gas that the American’s have been taping for at least a decade. Yet one has to ask what we are not being told. Shale gas WAS produced from NATURAL fractures until profit hungry conglomerates started to inflict them ‘artificially’. Chasing How drinking water gets frackednatural gas in this way cannot guarantee that contaminants are not unearthed as well.  A study has suggested that shale gas drilling operations increase the risk of nearby drinking water becoming contaminated with methane. This data is from the North-Eastern states of Pennsylvania and New York where fracking has been taking place for years. The levels discovered have people alarmed about possible explosions though this has not stopped the production of shale gas. In fact rather than halt the process it is expanding and found its way to British shores.

Not far from Blackpool an apparent UK company called Cuadrilla Resources has begun ‘fracking’ for shale gas. Not long after they had begun the area suffered a series of earthquakes. These corresponded to the times when the ‘fracking’ took place. So far work has been suspended pending further research. However, a Granada Reports interview with a company member suggests that work will continue regardless of the outcome. Where it a UK company surely it would have a genuine concern for the British people’s health and environment. Given American data Yorkshire already faces explosive water, and the implication is where there is profit to be made sod health and the environment!

In this light it is not that curious when one discovers  that this so called British company flies the flag of the Jewish Zionist European Union in their logo obviously not an independent UK company but a parochial off-shoot of the global Jewish Zionist web. Further investigation reveals big multinational partners River Stone  whose founders are Messers David M. Leuschen and Pierre F. Lapeyre, Jr. ex-Managing Directors at Goldman Sachs.

CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio MatrixLeuschen joined Goldman Sachs in 1977 and was a Partner and Managing Director. He was also founder and head of the Goldman Sachs Global Energy & Power Group. Leuschen was responsible for making Goldman Sachs energy and power investment banking into the global energy and power supremacists. Lapeyre joined Goldman Sachs in 1986, also becoming a managing director spent his 14-year investment banking career focused on energy and power, particularly the midstream/pipeline and oil service sectors. Lapeyre served as sector captain for the midstream/pipeline and oil services segments suggesting that he played a vital role in processing privatised oil pipelines through sovereign lands. Both Leuschen and Lapeyre where responsible for ‘managing’ senior executives from leading companies in all segments of the energy and power industry, including Amerada Hess, Anadarko Petroleum, Apache, BP Amoco, Chevron, Cross Timbers, ENI, Kinder Morgan, Koch Industries, Kuwait Petroleum, Lasmo, Mobil, Phillips, PDVSA, Santa Fe International, Transocean SedcoForex, Union Pacific Resources, Unocal, and many others.

Fracking for Jewish profitIt is most interesting to note that when money is to be made the octopus like tentacles of the Jewish Zionist are not far from the picture. In this scenario it sniffed the money available from shale gas and appears to have had a hand in Europe’s ‘exploration’  Of course here there is no thought for the environmental consequences or concerns for human health. However, the environment can be a real money spinner for the Zionist EU when it comes to making policies. Climate change is a real ‘buzz word’ and, while carbon is the reason why Briton and Europe is so green, Jewish Zionism wishes to cut our carbon and turn our land into a desert.  The Kyoto Protocol, was adopted in December 1997, which sets binding emission reduction targets for industrialised countries. Naturally it costs money to convert and these pressures are passed on to individual Nations.

Clearly these actions are totally hypocritical. On the one hand Jewish Zionism is backing European shale gas development, its global expansion without regard to its effect on health and environment. On the other it appears to be taking a hard environmentalist line. Totally hypocritical Commie Zionismyet in both instances there is a profit to be made. What we have here is a microcosm of Capitalism and Communism-2 sides of the same coin, in the end both will result in the de-industrialisation of the West just as Capitalism and Communism both result in Jewish leadership. karl marx money historyCommunism, invented by the Jew Marx, is the weapon of the Zionist with which Britain and Europe are being reduced to the level of third world populations. The reality of ‘equality’ is levelling to the lowest common denominator. We are already seeing this happening as family run businesses are What is a Revolutionswallowed up by huge multinational conglomerates owned by Jewish Capitalist banking families Goldman Sachs is just the tip of the iceberg. Our people cannot afford to work for themselves. So called ‘British’ companies are no longer independent but hiding behind a Zionist EU corporation. We live in a service environment with more factories being privatised and sold into Jewish Capitalist hands. The reality is the globe is run by a few multinational Jewish oligarchs who manipulate across the board.    

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