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AntiTraitors Diskjohn birdJohn Bird, At 18 I gave up Jesus for Karl Marx. I transferred my beliefs from one bearded Jew to another.” founder of The Big Issue, considers himself a ‘Conservative’. Bird revealed in 2010 “My guilty secret is that I’m really a working class Tory. There, I’ve said it. I’d love to be a liberal because they’re the nice people but it’s really hard work – I can’t swallow their gullibility and I think their ideas are stupid. I’d love to be someone who wanders around in a kind of Utopian paradise…” Yet self-Jewish Prime Minister David Cameronconfessed ‘Tory’ is a firm friend of Jewish Zionist David Cameron.

Cameron’s great-great grandfather Emile Levita, a Jewish financier born in Germany (and descendant of Renaissance scholar Elia Levita) who obtained British citizenship in 1871, was the director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, which became Standard Chartered Bank in 1969. His wife, Cameron’s great-great grandmother, was a descendant of the wealthy Jewish Rée family on her father’s side who has ancestors born in Denmark. One of Emile’s sons, Arthur Francis Levita (died 1910, brother of Sir Cecil Levita), of Panmure Gordon stockbrokers, together with great-great-grandfather Sir Ewen Cameron, London head of the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, played key roles in arranging loans supplied by the Rothschilds to the Japanese Central Banker (later Prime Minister) Takahashi Korekiyo for the financing of the Japanese Government in the Russo-Japanese war. So the question is who is really ‘gullible’ here. Cameron’s international Jewish heritage automatically drives him towards ‘a kind of Utopian paradise’ of global proportion. Not the type envisioned by White Europe but one of an unnatural enforced ‘equality’ that strips away any cultural, racial or sexual difference. Jewish Cultural Marxism leaves no room for Conservation and there has been no regime change since Cameron took the reins from New Labour.

Nevertheless Marxist Tory Bird is backing Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ “I’m behind the Big Society because I invented it,” he explains. “I’ve been saying for years, ‘let’s have a bigger society and a smaller government’. Meanwhile, failing to mention that the ‘Big Society’ model swallows up struggling smaller charities, a reflection of the corporate business scene were huge multinational conglomerates swallow up the family business-clear indication of the Jewish Zionist Global conquest.

At street level there is evidence that The Big Issue Foundation is an entrepreneurial scam, and a Marxist stain on our cities and towns. The Big Issue employs immigrants on Liverpool streets, though why these people require pocket money when the Jewish Zionist state looks after them so wellThe Big Issue Foundation does not acknowledge the Zionism's replacement populationmassive Jewish Zionist importation of foreigners who are economically disfranchising, out breeding and colonising White land. In fact The Big Issue Foundation is aiding and abetting immigrants in partaking in the UK benefits system. Romanian immigrants are guided into selling the Big Issue in order to gain state benefits through a tax loophole. This suggests that immigrants taking advantage of our Benefits system is only a recent occurrence, however immigrant Big Issue vendors are nothing new.  Vendors buy bundles of the magazine and keep the profits when they sell them but are required to declare themselves self-employed with HMRC. However, this status also entitles them to a National Insurance number and the right to claim welfare payments such as Working Tax Credit and Housing Benefit, although they are supposed to tell social security officers when they sign up to sell The Big Christian and Muslim unityIssue. Consequently these immigrants are hardly ‘homeless’. In fact Cameron as part of the Jewish Zionist regime is importing and maintaining the immigrant existence in Britain because it supports Marxist divide and conquer techniques that distract the White race thus sustaining Jewish Zionist power.

The escapade ends almost where it began as the criminal Bird himself admits that he backs the Jewish Zionist Cameron. Once this is understood all should become clear. The parasitic Jewish Zionists aim to divide and conquer and makes use of willing Zionist The History of Political Correctnesspuppets to accomplish this. Their major weapon is Marxism, developed by the Jew Karl Marx, manifested in Europe in various forms including political correctness and developed into multiple divisive groups like multiculturalism. Jewish Zionist Cameron has been tasked with protecting and codling the mass of imported colonists over and above the needs of the White indigenous. Quite effectively this creates dissention and division leading to an unstable environment and distracts Whites away from Jewish Zionist criminality.

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