Media’s Man of Straw

AntiTraitors DiskFrancis Joseph CohenFrancis Joseph “Frank” Collin is most often associated in the public mind as the ‘neo-Nazi’ who, in 1977 threatened to rally in Skokie, a predominately Jewish suburb of Chicago. Collin formerly served as the leader of the National Socialist Party of America, whose plan to march through Skokie, Illinois was a media hyped centrepiece of a major First Amendment decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie.

The NSPA was relatively obscure until 1977, when it announced plans to march through the Chicago suburb of Skokie, Illinois in apparent retaliation for the City of Chicago banning Collin from speaking publicly in Marquette Park. It prompted a landmark legal battle. At the time, Skokie had the largest Jewish population per-capita in the United States, and many residents were very vocal about their ‘survival’ of the Hollywood blockbuster the The Real Holocaust‘Holocaust’. The NSPA won the right to march but was prohibited by a Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois from wearing uniforms or displaying swastikas. It was taken to the Illinois Supreme Court on the basis that the injunction violated the First Amendment rights of the marchers to express themselves.  The Supreme Court ruled that the use of the swastika is a symbolic form of free speech entitled to First Amendment protections and determined that the swastika itself did not constitute “fighting words.” Its ruling allowed the National Socialist Party of America to march.Yet, the Skokie march was called off when the city of Chicago, at the behest of Skokie’s Jewish leaders and residents, decided to allow Collin to speak in the city. Nevertheless, even without the march the press was all over this incident. It was an on-going news item while the story was unfolding and post event has featured in a movie. The use of media propaganda evoked a mass wave of sympathy for the Jewish tribe; highly ‘serendipitous’ for them given how later events were to unfold.  Considered to be the epitome of Aryan racial purity the NSPA had managed to let the obvious Jew Collin into the organisation. It came to light after the fact with the revelation that his father, Max Simon Collin’s original surname had been Cohen.  In keeping with his perverted Jewish nature Collin or the homosexual Cohen was later discovered by Michigan police raping 2 young children. He was arrested and convicted of child molestation and sent to Pontiac prison in 1979 serving three years of a seven-year sentence. Incidentally Collin (Cohen) resurfaced in 1997 giving a pro-Black archaeological seminar to a non-White audience.

In order to maintain the public’s compassion with faux Jewish victimhood the ‘nasty neo Nazi’ formula must be continually refreshed among the ignorant Lenin %22A lie told often enough becomes truth.%22mass. The Jewish tribe is aware that it is holding back a tide of truth and only its mainstream media propaganda stands in the way. To that end the Jewish tribe’s most recent offensive involves the apparent White activist Craig Paul Cobb.

Initially a character of interest to the Pan Nationalist community, in late 2005, after receiving an inheritance of $85,000, Cobb moved to Estonia and purchased land thirty miles south of Tallinn where he hoped to establish an “International Office of White Diaspora”. It was also during this period that Cobb established Podblanc, a white video sharing website. However, in the Jewish mainstream Cobb is most widely known for his movement to ‘dominate’ the town of Leith, North Dakota with ‘white supremacists’. Cobb, who moved to Leith in 2012, displays what the Jewish press calls ‘Neo-Nazi’ paraphernalia on his property. This has led to the bussing in of anti-racist to organise multiple protests in Leith against Cobb and his allies.

Highly publicised Cobb has appeared on several radio and talk shows in America and %22Religion is the opiate of the masses.%22 - Karl Marx Craig Cobbis particularly outspoken about his atheism. This is meant to challenge as whilst the ‘God’ one identifies with matters not spirituality plays a vital role in man. The Nationalist grasps that a higher force is at work in the creative essence and idealistic reaching of the race. As White advocate Dr David Duke succinctly states “Whether we celebrate Human divinity as the handiwork of Nature or in a religious sense as the creation of [a] God, we should honour the rich variety of different people’s and cultures across the earth…we believe that every people has the right to live in a harmonious society created in its own essence, guided by its own nature and spirit.” It is also fascinating to note that despite his ‘White Supremacist’ persona Cobb was allowed to waltz into Great Britain, particularly curious given that Dr Duke, a White advocate of much higher calibre would be refused entry. Granted in current unsavory conditions Craig Cobb’s vision of an ethnically White European town must resonate with Pan Nationalists all over the globe. Yet he is clearly fuel for the media’s straw arguments. In an interview introduced on a prominent black talk show Cobb stated that “what they are doing to me is far worse than what the Germans did to Jews”. This in itself establishes the man as The Last Days Of The Big LIea fraud given that the Nationalist arena recognizes that the ‘Holocaust’ is a construct to mask the Jewish Bolshevik genocide of ethnic Europeans. Given that he has been allowed a platform is an indication that Cobb the jesterCobb is the jester in a Jewish Zionist performance. That he would consent to appear on this media circus is only further proof that he is unworthy as a White advocate. A formidable opponent like Dr Duke would not have placed himself in such circumstances. Also manifest is Cobb’s flagrant use of the Swastika. While the Nationalist is aware that Swastikas Found On Ruins Across Ancient Europethe hooked cross is an ancient European sun wheel found among Greek, Roman and Celtic Civilisations, 70 years of Jewish Marxist propaganda has imbued this symbol with dread in the eyes of the masses. Therefore, his flying the Swastika in public can only be theatrics for the camera as it instantly closes the door on rational debate. Nor can it be dismissed as naivety. Those prancing about in ‘costume’ debase the memory of real men who donned uniforms and fought for their neonaziNation’s right to be politically, economically and psychologically free from Jewish slavery. Yet since Cobb’s antics are so clownish it has also provided the ‘sleeper agents’ of Jewish Bolshevism a platform to present their twisted psychology and thus degrade the White movement further. It hands the homosexual pseudo-patriot a podium on which to divest his manifesto. This is basically a reiteration of Marx’ Communist Manifesto and wishes to ‘integrate’ the White race out of existence. The other extreme panders to the ‘little Englander’ mentality that loves the idea of “manicured lawns, paved roads, smiling children playing outside, working people dressed nicely, [and] positive community engagement”. It does not engage the Jewish Marxist status quo because it is a Marxist state sanctioned product to appease a certain section of the public. As such the reality of White racial genocide is deflected onto mere symptoms and as ‘Nationalism’ is already demonised the Jewish Marxist press can still parade it in front of the mass as a deterrent. It is also notable that Cobb intentionally presents himself as ignorant of common sense Nationalist rational and his language is well below his obvious intelligence. With the heavily manipulated standard of such talk shows it is inevitable that White views will be violated.

The outcome is that when Cobb is convinced to take a DNA test he is told that he is not 100% European but 14% sub-Saharan African. The Jewish Marxist has upheld its ‘out of Africa’ scam. The issue here is not whether the results are fabricated they inevitably are given the nature of the program, but that the purity of this White man has been negated and the ethnic European rendered suspect. Consequently the Jewish Marxist formula that supports White White Genocide in South Africagenocide is maintained.  It does not matter that there has been inter- tribal butchery in black Africa for centuries or that they are currently slaughtering their way through White Boar farmers. Muslim Arab conquests of Europe are also ignored because the nature of the argument is to focus on the White race and his apparent faults. The conclusion is that the ethnic European is deemed less worthy of life than other races and as such the death of that race is considered inconsequential. In the meantime the major media campaign surrounding Cobb has generated fresh ‘neo-Nazi’ terror and a swell of sympathy for Jewry from the general public.

Love your raceFor anyone to risk approaching the Nationalist arena must be aware of the situation in which the white race finds itself. To put it bluntly one either advocates the preservation of the race or enters the arena in order to spread dissention and black propaganda. Therefore, those that make excuses or encourage the type of operation above deserve nothing more than derision for they are exposing themselves as agents of the Jewish Marxist.

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